This type of dating comics was once comedy interludes between your head story, however now they are 90% of your own content

This type of dating comics was once comedy interludes between your head story, however now they are 90% of your own content

I’m very sorry observe you go. I am hoping I could in the foreseeable future provide brand new comical back to an excellent place the place you will love it again. Thank you for taking the time to allow me personally know how you then become, I really well worth brand new viewpoints! Best wishes.

Enzo — Basically may create my personal $0.05 in the (I miss out the cent both,) you can usually go on to a monthly change if you are one to hectic but nevertheless want to make CUEK. I take advantage of to read you to definitely (that has as the finished) one up-to-date the past day of this new month. It actually was a glee you may anticipate, especially if there’s an excellent cliff hanger. Yet not of numerous your outline aside one week, your publish. 30 days you may get step 1-step 3 in the, the second you can have a set out of determination and you will post 5+. Where will be your comical! » It’s at the conclusion of the day. You certainly can do they on simple design otherwise is actually an effective more one or perhaps blend it-all up. The nation could be their fish!

In addition desired to incorporate was, in person I always appreciated Phil’s stories over Zeke and Frank. Not to say I didn’t enjoy them, however, Phil are entertaining. Exactly who otherwise you’ll display an effective pun in the thumbnails to an effective harda$$? Not one person! I also hope one-day to see more Pricilla Dozer. She appeared like she’d possess some tales. (But that is only me personally.)

And absolutely nothing says Zeke and you can Frank cannot perform a combination Canada concert tour and have the very best of per province. BC’s Ocean, Alberta’s slopes, Saskatchewan’s look at Alberta, Manitoba’s cool, an such like.

Many thanks for the finalized duplicate of one’s book at Vancaf. It had been higher to satisfy your; you may be cool guy and you may I am viewing your projects a great deal. -Laurence (High dude towards Decepticon cover)

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It sounds stupid, but I skip the hidden manhood jokes and Honest sex dungeons and the like

Hello, one eta on when the you can pick cuek back up? I kinda race see them and want to discover if a lot more is coming.

I do believe it will be smaller tension on you since the someone carry out score used to when it could be posted and never ask yourself in case it is later otherwise inquire « Enzo

Hello, Enzo. I am composing this because You will find observed CUEK for at least a couple decades, today, and you may I shall not after the it any longer. You actually would not read through this, and i pledge you don’t think this can be a great convoluted way of saying: « Your own Dated COMICS WER BETER Statement Dislike Your ASSOHOLIC Shit NUGGET an such like etcetera etc », however, I felt like composing this because it feels strange making this in the long run, and i am pissed-off. Personally i think including CUEK has shed their advice. It’s been sixteen comics while the history time i saw Zeke and you may Frank together with her, and there is still a long crack once the last we saw her or him just before one to. Even so, the new interludes in advance of used to have jokes in the several one to are hilariously simple in a scene in which « rainbow hug » is a thing. Today, it’s mostly haha girls is comedy and you may yelling humour. Hell, I can not recall the history « genuine » comic you made. For example my personal favourite arch of yours where the in love ex seeks in order to destroy Zeke and his reddish-bowtie wife having a cement blender, and now we had a minigame where Honest beat this new shit away of ex. That was specific high quality content. This is rich from me, I am aware, due to the fact you have made 100 % free comics that i liked due to the fact start of your time, and i am a self-established ass for getting pissed-off. I might instead view you remove a Calvin & Hobbes and you will quit this new comic entirely, otherwise have a hiatus as in 2011, than see your slower devolve on « Sarah’s Scribbles » and other « hilariously relatable comics ».