Escort assistance is made available from brand new airport curb so you can/out of doorways and you may between gates to get in touch routes

Escort assistance is made available from brand new airport curb so you can/out of doorways and you may between gates to get in touch routes

More info exists out of our very own holiday accommodation from Users who will be blind otherwise enjoys reasonable eyes and Consumers that cognitive disabilities.

I enable the Customer getting helped so you can direct the staff for the the best way to do new lift and you may import. A little wheelchair that complement down the routes aisle is available at all of the door and also be put when the assistance is needed. For every single gate is additionally equipped with a traveler Import Kit (PTK), which contains a fall panel and you can a move sling.

In the event that a customer means a chair with a movable section armrest to raised helps an elevator and you may transfer, the spot out-of moveable aisle armrests is present here.

Preboarding can be found to possess People with a specific seats you prefer to match its handicap and you will/otherwise need assistance during the boarding this new aircraft or stowing an assistive tool. People Users who need additional time so you’re able to board get good the new boarding violation with a more time designation The designation functions as notice to the Functions (boarding) Broker the Customer can be allowed to board ahead of Family Boarding.

We are going to make it one to travel spouse to behave due to the fact an enthusiastic “attendant” and you may preboard that have a customer that have a handicap in case the Consumer necessitates the individuals recommendations sometimes to help you panel or while on the fresh flights. Most of the time, the customer need help from singular other individual, and you may any additional relatives or family members was requested so you’re able to panel through its tasked category.

People Consumers whom be eligible for preboarding gets an alternative boarding pass that have an excellent preboarding designation

People would be to demand preboarding from our Customer service Agent in the ticket counter otherwise departure door. The Agencies was trained to inquire truth-selecting inquiries to choose whether your Customers match the newest qualifications explained above. The fresh new designation serves as notice to the Businesses (boarding) Representative that the Consumer will likely be allowed to preboard.

Note: Users who happen to be preboarding due to an incredible importance of a specific seat up to speed the fresh routes should talk to the newest Functions (boarding) Agent immediately after protecting an excellent boarding citation towards preboarding designation and ahead of the start of preboarding so you can alert new Representative to the latest chairs need.

Because Southwest Airlines doesnt assign chairs, preboarding can be acquired to have Users who are in need of a specific chair so you’re able to fit its disability. Comprehend the Preboarding section over having details.

When the a customers that have a disability merely needs a little extra for you personally to panel, we’ll let the Buyers to help you board before Household members Boarding, within “A” and you can “B” organizations

Consumers who are in need of several chair so you can match a disability (age.grams., a consumer who’s got their/her sleeve inside the a cast that extends on the room beside the consumer) get proactively buy a supplementary chair(s) so you can alert Southwest of its particular seating you desire. If you’re information to have scheduling one minute chair online can be found with the our Customers of Dimensions webpage, People to shop for the second seat to match an impairment is to fool around with “DXS” unlike “XS” towards the Users center term. Customers get contact us to own a reimbursement of one’s cost of the additional seat ordered to suit the consumer once travel. In the event that a consumer having a handicap possess concerns about extent away from room requisite and does not need to get an additional seat, the client is to consult with the customer Service Agent during the departure entrance. As a whole, an extra seat can simply be bought to have a customer which have a disability when your Customer manage otherwise not be able to access all of our routes. Otherwise, because listed inside our Price of Carriage, the acquisition of greater than one seat to your best objective out of ensuring even more personal space try banned.